Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nice to tweet you!

We’ve finally done it. Joined Twitter that is. And as of today we have ZERO followers.

twitter follow meHoping to change that to a positive number really soon. So if you’re a tweeter, do tweeting, follow people or companies, would you consider adding MilandDil Designs to your list?

I promise to tweet interesting and helpful content in the world of floral design. Ideas for Christmas trees and decor. Tips on DYI projects for your seasonal home decorating. And photos to inspire you or make you smile.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Remember

It’s 9/11. That means a day of remembrance. A day where a little piece of all of us went away. We watched in shock the horrors of the events. People forever changed on what was to be an ordinary day.

Everyone remembers where you were on 9/11 and what you were doing. Kind of like when the space shuttle exploded. A day with a marker on it. So when it happens we all stopped and thought I will always remember this day, what I was doing and how I felt about it.

My where I was and what I was doing is not that interesting. I was at work sitting at my desk when a co-worker arrived telling us the news she just heard on the car radio. So from that point forward, it was all eyes on the television trying to understand what was happening.

It would have been my first day back at school at Louisiana Tech University on Barksdale Air Force Base. The call came from the Admission’s Office that classes had been cancelled and the base was on lockdown. My office was just over the bridge from the base. Close enough we could hear the fighter jets and Air Force One coming in for a landing for the President’s news conference. From that day forward, accessing the Air Force Base for classes meant stopping for extensive car searches with armed tanks at every entrance and guards with guns readied. Every day I passed those soldiers, it was my duty to remember and never forget. And every day since, it has been my obligation to pray for those families who lost their loved ones and for those who continue to serve to protect our country.

Do you remember? Where were you on that day? So much of our world has changed since then – some for the better, some for the worse.

Today I am thankful. Sitting here at my computer, looking out at a much needed rainfall in the comfort of my beautiful design shop, working at a job I love, hearing the laughter and play of my only granddaughter. Thankful. That’s what I am. No complaints today from me.

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Here are a few of our creations just to inspire you, or help you to welcome the fall season ahead. We’ve been working on Christmas, since June, so look for new photos soon!Ocelot Fall Sentiment 001Sentiments 001Rectangular 001

Tri-Color 005

Persimmon 001 Peek-a-boo pumpkin 003 DSCN0032 Fall lantern new 004

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