Monday, March 29, 2010

Me and Nicholas Cage

So now that I have your attention, I can say I did spend part of my day with Nicholas Cage. For several years now I have worked as a background artist, which is fancy for movie extra. Fun, fun and more fun. I've lost count how many films I've done, but I think it's at least a dozen. Maybe more.

Today I worked on a film called Drive Angry which is being filmed right here in my little home town. I was cast as a cougar, not the animal, but the female type after younger men. The scene was in a bar where lots of us cougars were on the prowl.

Maybe I'll have more to talk about tomorrow. But I do love most of Nic's films -- those that I can remember. Right now this cougar needs some sleep. It's really hard chasing younger men for a living.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's Sprinter here in Shreveport, Louisiana -- that's Spring with Winter hanging on. We woke up to snow flurries this morning. It's beautifully strange to look out of my kitchen window to see the beautiful blooming dogwoods and see the snow falling in the branches. What a sight on this amazing snowy Sprinter Sunday!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wrong Number

red phoneToday I don't have a lot to think about. You can tell because I'm blogging about wrong numbers.

Okay, so we all get them. Those random wrong numbers. Oh, I'm sorry, wrong number. Excuse me, wrong number. Sorry, I dialed the wrong number. I've dialed my share of wrong numbers and you know it happens to all of us.

Our home phone number has been the same since 1977 and it ends in 1810How lucky we are that the Wal-Mart Portrait Studio's phone number ends in 1018. We get so many wrong numbers for them it's unbelievable. There was one time they even printed an advertisement incorrectly with our 1810 number on it. My poor little hubby got so frustrated with the calls he started making appointments and telling unsuspecting moms their photos were ready to be picked up. That's wrong on many levels. I could see frantic mothers trying to get little ones dressed in coordinating outfits only to find out they didn't have an appointment. He must repent of that transgression and never do it again, I know. That's why today when I got another Wal-Mart Photo wrong number I just said sorry wrong number.

The funniest wrong number story I have happened a couple of years ago. The phone rang at 2:00 am which is always a real heart stopper. Immediately I think someone's been hurt or has died. You know that sinking feeling when the phone rings in the wee hours of the morning. Hubby answered and immediately realized it was a wrong number. After he said hello he just hung it up without saying another word. Within a few seconds the phone rang again. This time the caller said, "You didn't have to hang up on me ***hole". Really?

Got any wrong number stories? I know you all have one. Hubby also answered one of those middle of the night calls to hear, "Daddy, Daddy, it's a girl." Obviously, a wrong number because at the time we weren't expecting any babies. So he just offered his congrats and told her wrong number.

Gotta go – the phone’s ringing.  Please, I hope it’s not a wrong number.