Monday, March 29, 2010

Me and Nicholas Cage

So now that I have your attention, I can say I did spend part of my day with Nicholas Cage. For several years now I have worked as a background artist, which is fancy for movie extra. Fun, fun and more fun. I've lost count how many films I've done, but I think it's at least a dozen. Maybe more.

Today I worked on a film called Drive Angry which is being filmed right here in my little home town. I was cast as a cougar, not the animal, but the female type after younger men. The scene was in a bar where lots of us cougars were on the prowl.

Maybe I'll have more to talk about tomorrow. But I do love most of Nic's films -- those that I can remember. Right now this cougar needs some sleep. It's really hard chasing younger men for a living.


  1. Well look at you! How fun!

  2. LOL...I'll bet!!! But someone's obviously got to do it!! Have fun!! Love, Janine XO

  3. Heeehehehe! What interesting work, how fun! Probably not many opportunities like that down here on the Ponderosa, Huh???

    God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

  4. I was just checking in to wish you a wonderful week!!!

    God bless :o)

  5. How fun. Glad you had such a great time. He is such a great actor. You will have to let us know where you are at in the film:) Thanks for sharing.

  6. How fun. Glad you had such a great time. Thanks for sharing.