Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wrong Number

red phoneToday I don't have a lot to think about. You can tell because I'm blogging about wrong numbers.

Okay, so we all get them. Those random wrong numbers. Oh, I'm sorry, wrong number. Excuse me, wrong number. Sorry, I dialed the wrong number. I've dialed my share of wrong numbers and you know it happens to all of us.

Our home phone number has been the same since 1977 and it ends in 1810How lucky we are that the Wal-Mart Portrait Studio's phone number ends in 1018. We get so many wrong numbers for them it's unbelievable. There was one time they even printed an advertisement incorrectly with our 1810 number on it. My poor little hubby got so frustrated with the calls he started making appointments and telling unsuspecting moms their photos were ready to be picked up. That's wrong on many levels. I could see frantic mothers trying to get little ones dressed in coordinating outfits only to find out they didn't have an appointment. He must repent of that transgression and never do it again, I know. That's why today when I got another Wal-Mart Photo wrong number I just said sorry wrong number.

The funniest wrong number story I have happened a couple of years ago. The phone rang at 2:00 am which is always a real heart stopper. Immediately I think someone's been hurt or has died. You know that sinking feeling when the phone rings in the wee hours of the morning. Hubby answered and immediately realized it was a wrong number. After he said hello he just hung it up without saying another word. Within a few seconds the phone rang again. This time the caller said, "You didn't have to hang up on me ***hole". Really?

Got any wrong number stories? I know you all have one. Hubby also answered one of those middle of the night calls to hear, "Daddy, Daddy, it's a girl." Obviously, a wrong number because at the time we weren't expecting any babies. So he just offered his congrats and told her wrong number.

Gotta go – the phone’s ringing.  Please, I hope it’s not a wrong number.


  1. The ringing phone was my CPA saying our income tax was ready to pick up. And yes, Uncle Sam is being kind to us this year. Thank goodness.

  2. .he is NOT kind to us this year:(...but glad he is to you!!

    Funny stories! I love the one telling her dad *It's a girl*!!

  3. I thought I was the only one that constantly got them and now its on my cell too.....If you can walk late this afternoon and its not storming, message me....Now do a post on the cute party you did for Devin.

  4. Oh, dear...hope it wasn't another wrong number...That's just too funny about the appointments...your husband is a character!!! We got phone calls for a woman for years...apparently she had our number before us...but continued to fill out contest forms and put her old number on it...perhaps she was forgetful...who knows? But it was pretty funny...Have a wonderful day!!! Loved this!!! Love you! Janine XO

  5. He is a character for sure. Our number is just one digit off the Food Stamp Office. We got those calls a lot. I have come up with many things I sometimes wish I had the guts to say, but as you say not a good idea. "Is this the Food Stamp Office?" "No it is the poorhouse. Can I help you?" LOL

  6. I had a wrong number in the middle of the night asking for money. That was scary! i could hardly sleep after that:)

  7. What a hoot! We don't get many wrong numbers now but at one time, there was a teenager who was telling his friends to call him at such & such a number (ours!)...only he had a different area code & didn't realize his friends didn't know it. We finally figured out the problem & called HIM. Got his parents & asked them to straighten it out with their son. Thankfully!


    ps. I was touched to read how you preserved your 4-leaf clover & the memories of your engagement.

  8. Hi, I found your blog through Henley. Your post about your youngest son's birthday made me tear up. I have a son who is going to be 4 in May. I simply cannot believe it has been 4 years already. I just don't know if I'll be able to handle 23.

    I blog too. Stop by for a visit:


  9. I thought it was funny when you said your Hubby was making appointments... although wrong, I still laughed out loud. Yes I have had those phone calls in the middle of the night and I know what you mean, it always makes you jump!!