Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Contest I Always Win

This is a contest I can't lose--the annual Christmas decorating contest in our subdivision. Our homeowner's association started the contest to encourage people to decorate their homes for Christmas. There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, with a couple of honorable mentions, as well as best religious theme.

So we have in years past gone all Griswold trying to win this contest. Then we discovered you have to be a member of the homeowner's association to qualify. Okay, so pay the dues and next year I know we'll win.

We realized the only people winning were the homeowners who were actively involved in the association and they were taking turns winning year after year. Keep in mind -- it's not about the $25 first prize gift certificate. It's not about being recognized in the homeowner's newsletter.


Year after year we have spent countless hours making our outside display classy and fun. Blowing fuses, untangling lights, replacing bulbs, even playing outside Christmas music. STILL NO SIGN!

Finally, I decided if it was all about the sign that I would just get my own. I had a local sign company make our sign GRAND MARSHALL'S BEST OF SHOW as you can see. After the other winners received their signs, I put my BEST OF SHOW sign in the yard. It was a great play on words because our last name is Marshall and this was the best we had to show.

So I got a call from the Homeowner's Association President who said by the way we had received an Honorable Mention. This was after I had already put up my own sign. So I proudly accepted by Honorable Mention sign, took down my best of show, and enjoyed the cookie basket as our prize. That was about three years ago.

Well, bad news -- we didn't win again this year. The homeowner's association doesn't even bother considering us to win anymore even though I do pay my annual dues. I'm going to win no matter what happens. Yes, this is my best of show. And really it's all about the sign anyway.


  1. I LOVE your spunk!!! And your sense of humor!!!!! But isn't that just the way it goes, though...So often these award thingies are NOT based on merit or actual ability but on connections and cliques...guess things really don't change ...we may have graduated from high school years ago [well, in your case, yesterday ;-)], but nothing really has changed...But you know what??? As far as I'm concerned, your home IS the best in show!!!! You're the REAL winner!!! All of your work is truly exceptional!!!! :-) Love to you~Janine XO

  2. Oh, I LOVE this!
    "...the only people winning were the homeowners who were actively involved in the association and they were taking turns winning year after year." I abhor contests biased in such manners, and so glad you found a way to show them you're the true winner, after all! And with your last name, they can't officially object...oh, this is brilliant!
    Congratulations on your big win!

  3. I love it....Great idea....

    See you at 11:30 tomorrow for our takedown ....and then we ARE FINISHED for ANOTHER YEAR. I could not make it without you...

  4. Oh I am so proud of you. That is the best story I heard all day. I agree I like yours best. LOL. Blessings

  5. This is wonderful!! I should make myself a sign!!

  6. Congratulations girl. I know from where ya'll speak. We had a clothing store on the square of Tinytown and I would win the window display almost every year. It was totally about that plaque displayed in the window.

    Ya'll have a super fantastic day!!!

  7. Way to go! If they won't give you the sign, make your own. I love it! LOL