Monday, October 11, 2010

What Matters

It’s been a while since my last post about Disney and now I realize the summer has been left behind. I had good intentions to do another Disney post with a wonderful giveaway….it just didn’t happen. Does it matter? Not really.

My husband and I took a 7-day cruise to Jamaica, Cozumel and the Cayman Islands. It was a wonderful restful week. Wouldn’t it be great if I posted about our trip?  Maybe, but I think this post should be about something that really matters.

School is back in full swing for the grands. I could post photos of my 5 yr. old grandson’s first day of school and his first school bus ride.  That would be fun to talk about and share. And while this big event was important to our family, I’ll save it for another time.

All my Fall and Thanksgiving decor is everywhere in my home, inside and out. You could see great pictures of my wreaths covered in beautiful autumn colors. I love this time of year and would be excited more to share it with my followers.  But I’m going to wait on that one as well.

You see the truth is my focus has not been on the things that many times consume my world….not necessarily bad things, but things that occupy my thoughts. That’s all changed.  Let me tell you what really matters to me now.

  • It matters that a little over a week ago my dear friend Teresa’s husband Jack suffered a stroke while out of town.  If you haven’t already been following Teresa’s journey on her blog, I encourage you to sit down with a cup of coffee, a box of tissue and read how her world changed in an instant. The fear and uncertainty for all that happened, and now the next phase of rehab and learning to somehow do all the many things Jack did every day for so many.  We’ve all got some big shoes to fill until he’s back in action.  But what a miracle he is!
  • For the past couple of weeks my 89 yr. old mother-in-law’s health has continued to spiral down.  She’s weak, not eating, sometimes not very responsive.  But what matters is how my three sons and their wives have pulled in close to us to walk through this sadness with us. I’m overwhelmed how my boys have shown us as parents that they get what family is all about.  It matters they are taking time out of their schedules to visit her in the nursing home, to cheer her up with flowers or kisses from the great-grandchildren. It matters I think more than any of us realize. Yes, it really matters for us to hear the encouraging words from our kids telling us we have their love, their support, and how much they are depending on our strength in the days ahead. You bet it matters.
  • Not only is my oldest son seeing his grandmother so frail, so sick, and possibly facing death soon, but his wife’s grandmother as well is now home with hospice just waiting to die.  Stage 4 cancer, and many other problems too numerous to mention. The bottom line is she’s dying. It’s just a matter of when.  So they wait and try to come to terms as a young married couple with two little ones to care for – how will they both grieve losing their grandmothers so close together?
  • It matters very much to me that my sister Cindy survived extremely high blood pressure yesterday – we’re talking 200+ over 140+.  After a trip to the emergency room, numerous tests and lab work, she left with a prescription for blood pressure medication (which I also have to take) and will be just fine.

What matters to you today?  Are you upset because someone said something very hurtful to you?  Do you feel life is not treating you fair? Are you depressed because you can’t get that last 10 lbs. off before Christmas? Hey, don’t get crazy on me – I’m talking to myself. Now I realize none of that really matters in the big scheme of things that do matter.  I’m thankful, prayerful, humbled by all that has happened in recent days and keenly aware how God has shown me how much we all matter to him. Let’s don’t forget.


  1. It will all work out. You are tough and strong enough for 10 people. None of the petty bickering should matter right now. It is about family and celebrating life, not death. Death happens to us all, but life does not. Let's celebrate the life of my grandmother and Memaw, not their deaths. In life, Ghee did many things note worthy, from hiking through South America and living with tribes for almost 2 years to owning a Diamond mine to spending years hunting up old books or treasures at Estate sales, she was going and going. That is who I choose to remember. Not the frail lady wasting away.
    In life, Memaw lived for her family. I was not luck enough to know her before her illness stole her ability to walk, but I feel as if I do from Wade telling me about her. He told me about how she would cook for them when they went to see her. Poppy LOVES to tell the "chicken story" about when she got a electric stove and made a fire in the back yard to pull off the feather stumps from the chicken before cooking it. Not everyone knows how to live. Anyone can die, but to live, to love and to enjoy life takes a lot more.

    Love you

  2. Priorities are reset during these times of crisis.

    My heart goes out to dear Teresa and her dear hubby. She is such a sweet and giving person and I ache for what she is going through right now. My prayers are with them both.

    It's so hard and hurts so deeply when we see those we love start slipping away. I know, my Daddy lost his three decade battle with Leukemia Wednesday evening. My heart and prayers are with you and your family. Your son and his young family will lean on each other and draw upon God for comfort. Our kids are stronger than we think. Look who raised 'em.

    I thank God that you sweet sis is gonna be alright. Her trip to the ER might of just been a blessing in disguise.

    Take care and relax in the knowledge that our God is bigger than any problems we're faced with.

    God bless ya'll from the sunny hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

  3. Thank you sweet Nezzy for your encouraging words and my thoughts are with you in the loss of your Daddy. Everything you said is so true. MY DIL Jessy's grandmother passed away last night. I'm focusing on relaxing in my Daddy God's big arms today. Best to you.

  4. Oh, my friend...I'm so sorry that you are dealing with so much right now...and yes, our loved one are what really matter!!! It's the end of life test...the things that we care about as we face death are the things that REALLY matter...and what really matters? PEOPLE!!!! Especially those we love!!!!! My heart is so with you!!! Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL post and reminder!!! Glad that you are back here! Have missed you!! ~Janine XO