Monday, July 5, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Today Alex will start swimming lessons. Two weeks of splashing around at the local fitness center and hopefully he will learn to be a great swimmer. I learned to swim the old fashioned way – my Uncle pushed me in the pool and said swim or die.

Alex swimming lessons 7-14-09

This was after one of his lessons last year.  What a cute little bug-eyed mess.

I’m convinced Alex was born to make me laugh – as in this photo, who wouldn’t, couldn’t think this is funny, right?

And he has questions and comments, priceless to hear and important to remember.  Such as when I told him not to eat watermelon seeds because he might grow watermelons out of his ears if they were dirty, he replied, “And everyone would call me a loser?” Laugh, laugh, uncontrollably laugh……

4th of July 2010

By the way, he HATES and is scared of fireworks…….so this is how we helped him get through the 4th of July, his Poppy’s yard ear protectors.  Thank goodness he wasn’t afraid of the many fireworks displays we saw at Walt Disney World this summer.  Maybe it’s just the ones we pop on the driveway.

I love summer – even with its hotness we wouldn’t have swimming lessons and maybe more stories to share.


  1. Alex reminds me of my daughter, when she was little. She hated the sounds of balloons popping so she hated balloons. Even today, she will cover her ears when she is around a balloon that may pop. Did he still enjoy them after the ear protectors?

    I took swim lessons when I was a kid but I mainly got my "fins" when I played around in the pool during the summer. Hope Alex gets his fins too.

  2. Love your new look and am so proud of you posting.....NOW where is the DISNEY post? Will email you in the morning...Alex looks so CUTE.

  3. What a doll little Alex is! I used to give swim lessons to cuties like him in the summers when I was in college. Thanks so much for checkin' in with your well wishes. I'm still having problems with the shingles and have been ordered to do nothing more strenuous than takin' a dip in the pool. Shhhhh, I'm not's just our secret! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have a glorious summer day!

  4. Wonder if I could fit my cat and dogs with some of those for fireworks events? And yes, I want to see the Disney pics too!

  5. Working on my Disney post...if only there was more time in the day.

  6. Oh how cute!!! Just stopped in to say, "Hi Ninny" and saw that little bug-eyed darlin' grinnin' up at me...