Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two Days and Counting

Just two more days and I’ll be drawing for our $100 giveaway. Response has been fantastic…it’s been exciting to meet so many new friends.

The shop has been busy this week creating new designs, sprinkling glitter everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  The glue guns are heated up and creative juices are flowing. If only we could stop long enough to take photos and get the new products listed…maybe later. Take a look at this little guy on his throne…I couldn’t resist to share the happiness he brings me when I look at this one. So you’re getting a sneak peak before it even gets listed.Snowman001What are you doing today? I have to get to the grocery store or I’ll be in for a miserable day…you know the kind where you stand with the frig door open hoping something yummy will just jump out for you to eat.

My biggest challenge still remains…everything I make I want to keep, but I know I would end up on one of those hoarder shows surrounded by centerpieces, flower arrangements, and wreaths. So far I’ve only kept one arrangement I couldn’t bear to part with and it now proudly sits in my dining room.  Want to see??? Photo is not that’s really prettier in person. The flash washed the colors out.Terri's dining room I can't part with 001

Meanwhile, product is everywhere and it looks like Hobby Lobby threw up on my dining room table.Hobby Lobby threw up on my dining room table Someone contact A&E…hoarders here I come.

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  1. " looks like Hobby Lobby threw up on my dining room table." That is so hilarious!

    Beautiful so far! And glad to see you back...I was one of your first followers, but thought you'd left us!