Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Post-Christmas Ideas

Christmas and New Year’s…both a thing of the past now, but I really need to remember a few things for next year. Maybe this post can inspire you or prepare you for next year’s holiday season.

Seems like I’m always buying for Christmas, planning for Christmas, decorating for Christmas, taking down and storing Christmas…you get the idea. I’ve been shopping some of the after Christmas sales when of course I can’t pass up 75% off retail. You can get some great decor and for me I’ve been able to stock up on essential floral decor items.

If you’re taking down and storing your holiday, my guest post from last year on A Baby Changes Everything gives some great tips on storing your Christmas decor. I promise it will make your life so much easier next season.

One of my after Christmas sale finds were these chair wraps from Grandinroad….Red silk chair wraps The good news is they were on sale for $14.50 each instead of $19, but the bad news is I ordered eight in the red and only got four. My plans were to use them in my formal dining room for next year, but decided to use them on my four kitchen barstools.  Another issue…these dupioni silk wraps are a more formal look which would have been great in the dining room so here’s how I turned these “slightly too formal for my kitchen barstools” into a less formal version.

I purchased these “VERY” affordable 97 cent Santa hats from Wal-Mart (and yes you can probably get them for 10 cents now)….Holiday Time Large Santa Hat After I tied the basic chair wrap on the barstool, I worked the Santa hat into the knot to make it appear as if it were a bow with the ball tassel end hanging down. AND HERE’S THE FINISHED LOOK…

Santa chair wrap 001 

I thought it might look better with a contrasting color, so off I went to www.grandinroad.com and ordered 8 in the green color. So if I get them all in this time, I’ll use four green on the barstools and alternate the green and red on my chairs in the dining room.  WHAT A PLAN…now here’s hoping they all ship.

This post was mainly for me to remember what to do next year, but maybe it gave you a new idea to use, too.

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  1. I have loved my stockings hanging on mine on my barstools...