Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Week

This is going to be a crazy week around here.  Two of my three sons have birthdays – Jared Ross is my middle son and he will be 29 tomorrow.  Colin David is the baby son and he will be 23 on Thursday.

When did these guys grow up?  I’ve turned around and now they are married with children.  So today I want to introduce you to Jared and then in a couple of days you will get to meet Colin.

Jared sheriff 002Jared is a deputy with the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Dept. and sometimes works in the Special Investigations Unit.  That job is so suited for him being the middle child.  He didn’t take anything off of anybody and constantly irritated his younger brother.  So he is perfect to work with criminals. 

Jared and ChastaJared married a beautiful young mother with two boys from a previous marriage. 

Alex head shot valentine



And then they had precious Alex together.  So he now has three boys just like his Mom and Dad.  


I love this picture of Alex – swimming lessons last summer. 0714091601






Alex in the snowThis is how our kids play in the snow. Since we never get it here in the South, Alex thought it was okay to play only in shoes and underwear.



Here are my two “instant” grandsons, Chance and Will.  Precious boys and gifts from God.chance Will smile 

So Happy Birthday, Jared.  You have made your Daddy and me so proud.  It makes me smile and cry at the same time to see what a great father and husband you have become. We love you!


  1. Sweet Friend,

    Such a beautiful family. You are truly blessed.


  2. Happy happy birthday to your beautiful boys! You have a precious family there.

    God bless and have a glorious day!!!!

  3. I know the feeling. My son is expecting his first child in a couple weeks. Aren't grandchildren the best?

  4. They grow up overnight don't they?

  5. They certainly do. Does that mean I'm growing old overnight, too? Hope not. I'm feeling pretty young to have such old children.